Alderman 3rd Floor Conference Room Capacity 15

Alderman 3rd Floor Conference Room​ (312)

Alderman Grad Conference Room

Who & What
This room is available for the use of current UVA students and their guests (up to 15 people) for small group meetings and quiet group study.  

The Alderman 3rd Floor Conference Room (Room 312) is located in the 3East New stacks.  See below.





You may reserve the room for single group sessions, or single office hour sessions.  We cannot accept full semester or repeating bookings. 

Rearranging furniture and serving refreshments
You are welcome to move the furniture and serve refreshments.  Please return the room its original state at the end of your meeting and leave the space tidy.

• a large display monitor 
• a whiteboard.  You can check out dry erase markers at the Alderman desk.

Alderman 3rd Floor Conference Room

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Alderman 423 Capacity 12

Alderman 423 is a reservable space for medium-sized groups. A conference table with regular seating for twelve is the centerpiece of the room. A laptop hookup provides access to the overhead data projector (see the Scholars’ Lab information desk to get the remote control for the data projector). A pair of whiteboards provide ample workspace for creative instruction and group work. When not otherwise reserved, this room is available for use as open study space.

Alderman 423 Equipment
Alderman 423 is equipped with a screen, projector, and whiteboards.  The projector remote may be checked out from the 4th floor service desk. Please make the projector is turned off and the remote has been returned to the 4th floor service desk upon leaving the room.

Alderman 423

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Alderman Third Floor Fishbowl Capacity 8

This is a semi-private space suitable for quiet collaboration but is not sound-proof.  Equipped with white board, table, and chairs.  Please do not book this room for Skype calls.

Because of the semi-private nature of this room and the surrounding offices and study space, the Fishbowl cannot be booked for uses that will require loud conversations, such as Skype interviews.

Alderman Third Floor Fishbowl

Sunday, September 15, 2019