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Video Studio (RMC Digital Media Lab) Capacity: 5

Video Studio


The Video Studio has a wide variety of professional-level equipment including adjustable lighting, a Blackmagic Studio Pro 4K, a teleprompter, audio equipment, four different backdrops, and a number of props. This is a good place for producing professional looking interviews, shooting with the green screen, and recording class presentations. Training is required prior to using the video studio, including a video series and in-person assessment (below). Reservations are required and mediated by RMC staff.

Initial training is required prior to reserving and using the Video Studio for the first time:

Step 1: Watch online training videos

Please watch all of the online training videos (link). We use online training so you can train at a time that best fits your schedule. In addition, these videos are always available to you and you’re welcome to use them as a refresher guide.  If you forget how to use certain equipment, you can review it while you are using the video studio.


Step 2: Complete an in-person test.

The next step is an in-person test. It is designed to assess whether you remember our policies and understand the basic operation of the equipment. If you pass the test, you will be certified to access the video studio in the future. Please use this link to sign up for an in-person test.


In the Digital Media Lab, in corner of the 3rd floor RMC, to the right of the restrooms.

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