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Recovery of Wet Materials [Part 1]

If a book got returned wet to the library, would you know what to do with it? What if you discovered an HVAC leak? Kara McClurken will be leading a two-part class on collections recovery of wet materials. Water related emergencies can either be disasters or incidents—whether they are one or the other depends on how prepared you are to respond.

Part 1 is primarily lecture on the workflows and techniques used in collections recovery. Part 2 is more hands on and will be an opportunity to get your hands wet—there will be demonstrations of salvage techniques and opportunities to practice air-drying books, packing out wet materials, separating and drying manuscripts, rinsing books, and drying photographic materials.

This class is a great refresher for those of you have been around UVA a while as well as an excellent opportunity for new folks to learn about the disaster recovery process at UVA. No experience or job related duties necessary for attendance.

Part 2 of the workshop will be held in early January, 2022.

Friday, September 24, 2021
10:00am - 1:00pm
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Kara McClurken
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Kara McClurken
Suzanne Bombard