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Organize Your Files and Metadata for Transparent and Reproducible Research

Organize Your Files and Metadata for Transparent and Reproducible Research

In this workshop, participants will learn fundamental approaches to creating a research compendium.  This is the foundation of transparent and reproducible research.  Participants will learn what kinds of documents and materials they should create and preserve; the information the documents should contain; and how they should be formatted and organized.  Topics include raw data, analysis data, scripts, metadata, readme files, project organization, and naming conventions. Examples will be provided in R, but this information can be applied to any quantitative programming environment. The are no prerequisites.

This is the first of four sessions in our series “Reproducible Research for Early Graduate Students.”  Following sessions include Version Control with Git and GitHub, Reproducible Analysis and Documentation with R and RStudio, and Sharing Your Data for Transparent and Reproducible Research.

Friday, February 19, 2021
10:00am - 11:15am
Data Workshop Workshop
Jenn Huck

Registration is required. There are 11 seats available.

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